Super treat made from 100% freeze-dried chicken hearts (60g)

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Super treats made from 100% gently freeze-dried chicken hearts - ideal for training or a snack in between.

Chicken hearts are particularly suitable for fussy dogs and contain iron, sodium, iodine, selenium and vitamins E and D.

These treats are the best thing your dog can get between their teeth and your fingers!

✅ Even the pickiest dogs are enthusiastic

✅ Dry and not smelly - perfect for the jacket pocket

✅ Easy to break - ideal as a training treat

✅ Also suitable for puppies and older dogs

The people who know the standards:

  • Gently freeze-dried: We dry the meat particularly gently, which means that many important nutrients are retained
  • Mono-protein treats: 100% meat without artificial additives and preservatives
  • 100% recycling, 0% waste: We consciously use parts of the animals that are not used by humans but are loved by dogs.



100% chicken hearts freeze-dried

Analytical components:
69.7% protein, 21.9% fat,
1.3% moisture, 0.6% crude fiber,
4.4% raw ash

60g freeze-dried chicken hearts are made from approx. 280g fresh hearts.

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