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No. 470 clickers

The original ACME clicker made of brass

  • Metal clicker or cracking frog
  • Replica of the original clicker used by the US Army on D-Day
  • Loud and concise cracking noise
  • Very robust and durable training device for dogs, horses, but also marine mammals such as dolphins and sea lions
  • The original ACME Clicker No. 470 - made in England

ACME originally developed this clicker for the Allied landing forces of the D-Day on June 6th, 1944. With the help of the characteristic 'click' the troops could distinguish friend and foe. We are happy that we were able to persuade ACME to resume production of this clicker to serve as an aid in today's dog training. These 'crickets' or 'crackers' are still made in England on the original machines that were also used for production during World War II. Each replica of the original clicker No. 470 comes with a certificate of authenticity from J. Hudson.

Clickers were first used in animal education by Karen Pryor. She observed that dolphins and whales communicate by means of clicking noises and used this to communicate with animals. Today clickers are mainly used in dog training. The ACME clicker has a small hole to be attached with a cord or chain.