Dog whistle 210.5 khaki

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ACME dog whistle No. 211.5 Black

For better understanding between humans and dogs

  • standardized pitch, frequency stable
  • made of robust BPA-free plastic
  • clear whistle and long range
  • popular training whistle
  • Size: approx. 8 cm, diameter max. 14 mm

As the owner, you know that your dog needs clear, unadulterated signals in a defined frequency range in order to understand your commands. Our ACME dog whistles send an understandable signal in a standardized frequency in every situation. Each dog whistle generates an absolutely identical signal to which the dog can be conditioned. Even after years, you can always reorder this dog whistle. So deposit a pipe conveniently in your usual place at home, in the car or with your partner - your dog will not notice the difference. Even in bad weather, strong background noises and different blowing strengths in panic, the Acme dog whistles generate clear and distinct commands.

The difference between the dog whistle 211.5 and 210.5 lies in the pitch: the whistle No. 211.5 has the lower whistle tone, the 210.5 whistle the higher tone.

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Katja R.
funktioniert und schaut gut aus! :-)

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