No. 3 with horse - grain free - dog biscuits

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Bubeck natural reward No. 3 with horse is gently baked in a stone oven without grain, without sugar and without flavoring, coloring or preservatives.

The use of only one high-quality animal protein source (horse) reduces the risk of feed allergies and makes it easier to reward food-sensitive dogs. Small, fine and perfect for on the go and in between. Smell good and not greasy. Ideal for all dogs with sensitive stomachs and as a natural reward for exclusion diets. Size approx. 2 cm.

Gluten free

Complementary feed for dogs of all breeds.

COMPOSITION: Potato flakes, horse meat 10% (dried and ground), amaranth flour, dicalicium phosphate.

Protein: 14.0%
Fat content: 5.0%
Crude fiber: 2.0%
Crude ash: 7.0%
Calcium: 1.3%
Phosphorus: 0.8%
Feeding recommendation: depending on the size of the dog, 5 - 30 pieces per day.
13.63 MJ / 3256 kcal per kg
Store dry and cool!
The product described is a natural product, so color, size and weight may vary slightly from product to product.
Please always have a sufficient amount of fresh drinking water ready.

Why Bubeck traditionally use horse meat for dog food
We are taking the current horse meat scandal as an opportunity to break a lance for horse meat.
Horse meat is one of the oldest foods known to man (source, ). In particular, it is one of the oldest sources of protein for dogs. As early as 1893, horse meat with potatoes was baked into a complete food at Bubeck. This tradition was broken around 1900, as beef and wheat were now used. Because horse meat was considered poor people's food back then. So Bubeck wanted to involve the dog more as a family member. This should also win over a wealthier group of buyers for complete food.
The horse is one of those animals that are not kept and reared in mass breeding. Horses receive a lot of exercise and high-quality feed and produce very lean meat.
Horses are vegetarians, industrial fattening feed is not permitted for horses and would make the animals sick.
We work with trustworthy suppliers who meet our Bubeck quality standards. Here are the main benefits of horse meat:
  • No fattening farms or feeding horses.
  • Very low fat content. Less than any other meat.
  • Very low in cholesterol. Regular consumption of horse meat can prevent cardiovascular diseases and arteriosclerosis.
  • Rich in high quality protein and protein.
  • High proportion of unsaturated fatty acids. These are essential for the prevention of heart and vascular diseases.
  • High iron content, which, unlike protein from plants, eggs or dairy products, can be absorbed directly.
  • High in calcium.
  • High in vitamins.

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