Meat thaler from freeze-dried beef tripe and omasum (100g)

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Super treat made from gently freeze-dried rumen and omasum of beef- ideal as a special snack in between

A very special delicacy for many dogs, which also contains natural probiotics, vitamins and minerals.

May contain traces of grass, pollen or grain.

These treats are the best thing your dog can get between their teeth and your fingers!

✅ Even the pickiest dogs are enthusiastic

✅ Dry and not smelly

✅ Easy to break - ideal as a training treat

✅ Also suitable for puppies and older dogs

The people who know the standards:

  • Gently in Germany freeze-dried: We dry the meat particularly gently, which means that many important nutrients are retained
  • Mono-protein treats: 100% meat without artificial additives and preservatives
  • 100% recycling, 0% waste: We consciously use parts of the animals that are not used by humans but are loved by dogs.



35% green tripe, 35% beef,
15% omasum, 15% cartilaginous throat meat

Analytical components:
40% protein, 50.8% fat,3.1% moisture, 2.7% raw fibre,
4.8% raw ash

100g freeze-dried meatballs are made from approx. 330g fresh meat.

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