Enamel dog bowl

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The enamel dog bowl impresses with its timeless, nostalgic design. Perfect for everyone at home and on the go.

Material: enamel
Color white
Available in 4 different sizes

size size volume
S. 16 x 6 cm 0.6 liters
M. 20 x 7 cm 1.2 liters
L. 24 x 8 cm 2.0 liters
XL 28 x 10 cm 3.0 liters

• Made from seamless drawn sheet steel
• 100% recyclable
• Nickel-free, especially recommended for people with a nickel allergy
• easy to clean thanks to the non-porous, abrasion-resistant surface
• scratch and cut resistant
• The robust, glass-hard surface guarantees a long service life
• tasteless and odorless
• dishwasher safe
• acid and alkali resistant

In these bowls, unevenness and the shimmering through of the black basic enamel in some places are due to production technology and are not a reason for complaint. The bowls have a nostalgic charm and are still robust and usable without restrictions.

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