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Measuring instructions

Unfortunately still in progress

Please give me the circumference of your dog's neck or head, measured tightly, without adding (i.e. without fingers or air between the measuring tape and the dog) in cm. Please always measure the circumference of your dog's neck while standing, where it should sit. If you already have a rope collar with a clasp at the end, you can also send me the total length. But with a comment, please.

For information: The dimensions of the circumference and length differ and there are deviations.

Fixed double collar

Please measure the neck circumference ( green ) Of your dog. It is best to measure on the standing dog, where the collar should sit.

Pull stop collar

Please measure the head circumference ( red ) Your dog's widest point. This is the measure for the open pull-stop collar so that you can pull it over your dog's head.

I also need the circumference of the neck behind the ears ( orange ). This is the measure of the tightened pull stop collar.

Attention: If the neck circumference of your dog is larger than his head or if your dog has a lot of fur in the neck area, please also give the neck circumference ( green ) and give me information about it.