Here you can see an overview of the different leashes and collars.

You currently have a choice between 5 different collars, 3 lines and two retriever lines.

You decide how your set looks and is processed in the end!

Your individual color design of the rope and rigging yarn makes the collar a real favorite rope!

Simple leash with hand strap

The fixed short leash is convincing with its simple look. The leash is a non-adjustable dog leash with hand loop and carbine. In the hand loop a small ring is worked in so that you can hang the leash also super-practical around the shoulder when your dog runs free.

The leash is including hand cuffs up to 1,50m. It can, however, be made longer or shorter on request and after consultation with me.

Retriever leash with hand strap including neck, total length 150cm

This leash is integrated into the dog collar. The loop is pulled like a pull stop over the dog's head. This makes a fast start and stop operation possible. The dog is protected by the node stop before strangulation and the hand cuffs ensure a good handle. The fixed retriever line is 150cm long plus the integrated collar.

Fixed collar double

The classic! The collar is very harmonious and elegant. Its closed with a carbine.

2-way adjustable leash

total length 200cm

The classic among the rope lines. Here you have a carbine at both ends. By hooking the snap hook into the ring on the first or second node, this rope is adjustable in two lengths. The nodes can be moved, so you can adjust your favorite length

The total length is 200cm

2-way adjustable retriever leash including neck, total length 200cm

This retriever leash can be worn in two lengths and is adjustable by a carbine and extra rings to provide even more flexibility. The total length is 200 cm plus the neck width of the dog. 

The nodes can be moved as desired, so you can set your own desired length.

Pull stop collar easy

A collar that is simply pulled over the head of the dog.

The knot-stop prevents the dog from being strangled when the tension is too strong. The knot is placed exactly at the respective neck of your dog. If there is no pull on the neck, it widens from itself and lies loosely at the neck. You can still moved the node by yourself.

3-way adjustable leash total length 250cm

Like the double adjustable leash, but with an additional third length adjustment and 50cm longer. 

Ideal to hang over your shoulder and your dog is still running next to you.

My favorite. The total length is 250cm.

Fixed collar easy

This kind of collar is particularly suitable for small and filigree dogs! Thereby that only one rope surrounds the dog's neck, the simple necking is easy and does not seem as powerful as the double.

Pull stop collar double

The collar is pulled easily, as well as the simple pull-stop necking over the head of the dog. The rope is doubled and thus reinforced.

The collar looks very harmonious and elegant without visible thumps.

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